The Science Learning Area is about investigating, understanding and explaining the world and universe that we live in. Science is a crucial part of New Zealand society, now more so than ever, with the increasing importance of innovation and technology to our lives. In our learning area students develop their ability to problem solve and make decisions about science, enabling them to engage with science throughout their lives. 

Explore the different subjects and courses within the Science Learning Area below:


Junior Science

In Junior Science, students will develop a fundamental understanding of a range of science concepts from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Space Science. They will also come to understand about the Nature of Science and how it relates to their everyday lives. Practical work is an important aspect of the Junior Science programme. 


junior horticulture

In Junior Horticulture, 


Senior science

In Senior Science, 


Senior biology

In Senior Biology, students develop an understanding of how the living world works, in particular the processes behind how living things are the way the are today and how they function in certain ways. This includes exploring processes at the microscopic or cellular level as well as the macro level with processes such as evolution. There is also a focus on the human implications of biology and how biology fits into our world today.


Senior chemistry

In Senior Chemistry, students study the materials that make up all matter around us, the properties of these substances and the way they change. This allows us to understand the chemistry going on in the world around us, such as in the foods we eat, the metals and plastics we use, the fuels we burn and the medicines we take to be healthy.  


Senior physics

In Senior Physics,