Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Learning Area is about how societies work and how people can participate as critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens.  Contexts are drawn from the past, present, and future and from places within and beyond New Zealand.

Explore the different subjects and courses within the Social Sciences Learning Area below:


Junior Social Studies

In Junior Social Studies, students will learn that they are part of a global community. They will understand that people's actions have consequences for society and the environment. Students will develop an understanding of the economic world.  


Senior business studies

In Business Studies, 


Senior economics

In Economics students learn about the ways  in which people participate in economic activities and about the consumption, production, and distribution of goods and services.  They develop an understanding of their role in the economy and of how economic decisions affect individuals and communities. ?????

Year 12 Geo Trip.jpg

Senior geography

In Geography students learn about how people perceive, represent, interpret, and interact with places and environments.  They come to understand  the relationships that exist between people and the environment.


Senior History

In History, students learn about past events, experiences, and actions and the changing ways in which these have been interpreted over time.  This helps them to understand the past and the present and to imagine possible futures.


Senior tourism

In Tourism,