Senior Science

In Senior Science, students build upon knowledge gained in the Junior Science Programmes 

The importance of Senior Science


What will be covered in the Senior Science Programmes and what pathways do they lead to?

Year 11 Science:

In Year 11 there are two Science Programmes on offer:


In this Science 101 course students learn about topics that fall under the three main science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The course is a foundation and requirement for further study in these three science disciplines in Year 12 and beyond. It involves internal and external assessments. The topics covered include Genetics, Mechanics, Acids & Bases and Practical Investigations. This course leads onto the Senior Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses. 


In this Science 102 course students choose a pathway that interests them and relates to a potential career. There are three pathways on offer: Engineering, Health Science and Plants & Animal Care. Each pathway is assessed by internal assessments only, and the topics covered depend

  • The Engineering Pathway relates to careers such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, trades (i.e. building, plumbing) and building design. The topics covered in this pathway include metals, electricity, heat and practical investigations. This pathway focuses on chemistry and physics. 
  • The Health Science pathway relates to careers such as nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, social practice, beauty therapy, hairdressing, sports science and hospitality. The topics covered in this pathway include microorganisms, fitness & nutrition, chemical reactions and practical investigations. This pathway focuses on chemistry and biology.
  • The Plants and Animals relates to careers such as vet nursing, animal care, landscape design, horticulture, arboriculture and farming. The topics covered include plant propagation, life processes of animals, creating landscape plans and the carbon cycle. This pathway focuses on biology. 

Year 12 Science - SCI202

The Science 202 course is designed for students who have a general interest in Science or do not meet the prerequisites for Biology, Chemistry or Physics. A range of topics will be covered spanning the different disciplines of science, including Extreme Environments, Geological Processes in New Zealand, Volcanoes, Climate Change and Sustainability. A particular focus will be on how science relates to our lives, and how it can be used to solve the problems that we face. This course can lead onto Level 3 Science or certain Wintec Courses, as well as providing students with an understanding of science that is important to everyday life.

Year 13 Science - SCI302

The Science 302 course is made up of a mixture of standards from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Space Science and Agriculture & Horticulture. All of the standards covered are Internally Assessed Achievement Standards which are University Approved. This course is designed for students who are considering studying Science related courses at Wintec or who need Science Credits to enter Apprenticeship Programmes. The topics covered in this course include Oil Spills, Bioplastics, Spectroscopy, Nuclear Power and Primary Products of New Zealand.