Principal's Message

‘A big little high school with family values and a commitment to excellence situated in Hamilton, NZ, providing all students with quality educational opportunities in an inclusive, caring, equitable and supportive family environment. We are committed to challenging the learners of today and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.’

Clive Hamill

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Greetings and welcome, we trust you find your visit to our website helpful.

Melville High School is a Year 9 –13; co-educational state-funded secondary school which caters for 600, 13 to 18 years olds. We strive to build an effective partnership between home and school for every student. We strengthen this relationship through family/student/teacher academic conferences and through restorative practices. We systematically identify student strengths, respond to individual challenges and identify multiple pathways for personal growth, further academic study, and employment.

Melville High School has a commitment to our bicultural heritage, historic values of care and hard work, and to serving our local and international communities. Our staff go the extra mile supporting students to scholarship standards and working outside the confines of the school day to provide additional tuition and assistance.

We extend students; learning opportunities beyond the confines of the timetable and our campus using e-learning, EOTC, applied learning and building pathways to employment.

We are all proud of the achievements of our pupils and staff and we value this opportunity to share and celebrate our achievements with you.