Board of Trustees

The Board is the governing body of the school and as such is responsible for setting and writing school policies and ensuring that these are carried out by the school through the Principal. The Board meet each month on Tuesday on or after the 20th of the Month.These meetings are open to the public and parents are encouraged to attend. Copies of the minutes and the meeting agenda are available from the school office four days in advance of the meeting.

These meetings are held in our Board Room and start at 6.00 p.m.

Melville High School has a very committed and enthusiastic Board of Trustees which is clearly focussed on providing the best possible education for the students of this community. They have affirmed the following rights:

Students' right to learn
Teachers' right to teach and
Everyone’s right to be safe
These three affirmations are the focus of the Board's governance role.

Current Members

The following people are members of the School's Board of Trustees. Please feel free to contact them on ideas or issues of concern as they are the parent body's elected representatives.

Jarrad Gallagher - Parent Trustee
Clive Hamill - Principal
Kenny Rodrigues - Student Trustee
Tracy Pratt - Parent Trustee: Deputy Chairperson
Bill Russell - Staff Representative
Lynnro van der Nest - Parent Trustee
DeWayne Transfield - Parent Trustee: Chairperson
Liz Willis -Parent Trustee

Jos Caughley is Secretary for the Board

2019 MHS Charter

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