Student Leadership

Melville believes strongly in offering many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills. We also value a student voice in our decision-making.

Peer Mediators

This programme provides senior students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience while assisting fellow students. Senior peer mediators play an important role in our anti-bullying scheme.

Student Committees

These make an important contribution to inter-tutor competitions, fundraising, the senior ball and social activities. Our students also support groups such as Students Against Drunk Driving [SADD] and World Vision.

Peer Mentors

Senior students are placed alongside junior students who need extra support. This scheme has large benefits for both parties.

Leadership Training

The expectations of the various senior leadership roles are explained in group discussions at the Year 12 Leadership camp and further training is provided as the year progresses.

School Council

Forums and the school council provide leadership opportunities for both juniors and seniors and foster a strong sense of responsibility. They also provide opportunities for students to have a significant input into the school’s decision-making process.

Junior Tutor Assistants

These positions supporting junior tutor classes are highly sought after by Year 13 students as they are such an enjoyable way of contributing to the school. The senior students are there to assist, encourage and lead with enthusiasm.

At Melville we promote the development of leadership skills. Students are encouraged to contribute to school life in a way that fosters a strong sense of responsibility.

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