Student Guidance

Melville is well known for its strong commitment to pastoral care provided by tutor teachers and deans.

Further down this page is an explanation of the Restorative Practices used within our school to modify student behaviour.

Open Door

Whenever parents have problems or concerns about the progress of their children they are urged to contact the School: "our door is always open".
Guidance Counsellors
The school is fortunate to have the services of two experienced counsellors. They are trained to assist with personal, social, learning and behavioural problems within the school.

Careers Advice

We recognise the importance of secondary education in preparing students for tertiary training and the workforce, and we provide careers education, which involves setting goals, identifying skills, making decisions and accessing resource material.

Careers Counselling

Students receive regular career and tertiary course updates. At subject selection time parents are invited to open evenings and extra career interviews are scheduled.

Restorative Practices

At Melville, students are offered personal guidance to plan educational pathways that identify short-term and long-term goals, and the steps required to achieve these.

Melville High School is utilising a new discipline initiative based on Restorative Practices, a continuation of work undertaken by our counselling staff Ron and Kathy Cronin Lampe. The focus of the Restorative Practices strategy is to improve student learning outcomes and behaviour through building and maintaining good relationships between staff and students. Under this process, while there are consequences for deliberate misbehaviour, there is also an emphasis on rebuilding relationships either between students or between students and their teachers. There are no detentions in this programme.

Most staff have undergone training in the restorative practices which develops their capacity to engage students in a conversation which helps identify the effects of their behaviour and the places and times where such behaviour is not an issue.

At Melville High School the two parties concerned meet at the end of the school day to engage in a conversation. The effects of the problem behaviour are identified, then both parties develop strategies to overcome the problem. This process usually takes from 5 - 20 minutes. If the problem behaviour continues, a family conference is arranged which follows the same sequence of identifying the effects of behaviour, then generating solutions.

While Restorative Conversations do strengthen and rebuild relationships, the school also affirm that behaviours which severely challenge our school affirmations (eg. physical or emotional violence, theft, drugs, alcohol) will be not initially be dealt with through this process but they will have a separate and immediate response.

We have found the emphasis on building and maintaining good relationships informs the school community on the effects of poor behaviour and gives them tools to improve their behaviour. This develops the co operation and understanding required to produce meaningful educational outcomes.

The school is currently documenting its journey with this strategy. If you are interested in further information please contact the school.

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