Cell Phones and Internet Use

Acceptable Use of Personal Electronic Equipment,

Computers and Internet

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), including the Internet, are an integral aspect of the learning landscape at Melville High School.Use of such resources and internet access are privileges that are available to students who have signed our Acceptable Use Agreement.Our school uses the Telecom Schoolzone product which has the same internet security system that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia uses.

Use of Personal Electronic Equipment [PEE], computers, Internet, access to the school network and software is conditional on acceptance of these guidelines. If a user violates any of these guidelines, his/her use of the technology and access will be significantly curtailed and/or terminated.

Conditions and Terms of Use

1. Netiquette

Users are required to follow the generally accepted guidelines for network etiquette, i.e. be polite, do not access files belonging to other users or use the facilities to create, access or distribute hurtful or offensive material.

Do not scan, print, download or display any material which could cause harm or offence to others. If you encounter a potentially inappropriate Internet site, address, home page or data source, you are expected to immediately terminate contact with such site or source and to notify your teacher or the Deputy Principal.

2. Safety

Do not reveal personal addresses, phone numbers or passwords of students or staff, including yourself. The sharing or use of other login names and/or passwords is not permitted

Report any security issues immediately.

All digital material, such as e-mail attachments and other downloaded material must be scanned for viruses.

3.Copyright and Plagiarism

All communications and information accessed electronically, including through the Internet, must be assumed to be copyrighted and referenced appropriately.

4.Restrictions on Access

Students may not join non-school based e-mail listserv groups or use the Internet for financial transactions.

Teachers may select sites that are relevant to units being taught. These sites will be cached on the school server, listed on web pages, or on handouts or assignment sheets and students are encouraged to use these sites as their first point of access.

Downloading of information onto the hard drives of Melville High School computers by students is not permitted unless authorised by school staff.

5. Inappropriate Use

Staff and the Deputy Principal will deal with any instances of inappropriate use of these facilities. The Deputy Principal may terminate access privileges of any user who violates these acceptable use practices.

Vandalism of equipment will result in the immediate withdrawal of all computer privileges and may also result in other school disciplinary action. Vandalism is defined as any attempt to harm, modify, deface or destroy physical computer equipment data, software or the computer network configurations.All users are expected to immediately report any problems.Only software authorised by the teacher responsible may be used or accessed.

6. Use of Personal Electronic Equipment

Melville High School acknowledges that personal electronic equipment can enhance teaching and learning opportunities for teachers and students and therefore support their use in the classroom under specific conditions. Personal electronic equipment includes cell phones, MP3 players, USB storage devices and personal organisers.

Before students are allowed to bring any personal electronic devices to school they must sign an agreement to abide by the conditions set out in this policy.

Personal electronic equipment will only be used in the classroom with the express written permission of the teacher for specified activities.

Personal electronic equipment may be used during breaks except for photography or video functions.

All devices must be switched off in class when permission or direction to use them has not been given by the teacher.

The school takes no responsibility for the safety and security of PEE and related equipment.Students who bring such equipment to school do so at their own risk.

All devices must be switched off during tests and exams, in compliance with NZQA exam standards.Failure to do so may be regarded as cheating.

Devices are to be in silent mode at all times during class activities and meetings.

Language in text messages, voice messages, electronic mail, and phone calls etc., must be of sufficiently high standard so that the recipient cannot take offence. Threatening, intimidating or offensive messages or calls will be treated by the school as bullying and will be dealt with as part of the School Disciplinary process.

Students must first seek the express permission of a relevant staff member before using any photographic functionality for a classroom activity.Photography is totally forbidden in changing rooms and similar environments.Exchanging photographs of other students and staff may only occur after expressed permission has been give by the people who have been photographed.

Exchanging media files must occur in accordance with the Copyright Act.

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