Behavioural Expectations

Students are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, in such a way as to bring credit to themselves, their families and the school.


All students have the right to learn without being disrupted by others. No student has the right to interfere with any other student’s learning or staff member’s teaching programme. The Board of trustees has established the following affirmations:

The school utilizes Restorative Practices (explained further in our "Guidance' page) to assist in managing student behaviour. It involves staff being trained in holding conversations which help rebuild relationships with students when there is a breakdown in the learning process in the classroom. The pocess involves afterschool conversation between staff and the students involved. It can also involve meetings with parents and whanau.

However for serious behaviours which challenge ourschool affirmations (e.g. physical and emotional violence, theft, drugs,alcohol, verbal abuse of staff and repeated and deliberate disobedience) wehave a separate and immediate response. When available we utilize the servicesof our Campus Constable in dealing with these serious behaviours.

Positive Behaviour For Learning

Melville High and IntermediateSchools are two of 14 schools takingpart in the pilot in the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) programme in New Zealand.PB4L is a behaviour support programme which focuses on four major areaswithin the school: school-wide behaviour; out of class behaviour; in-class; andindividual behaviour management.

We have clearly defined expectedbehaviors which are based on the schoolvalues of Respect, Achieve and Participation (RAP). We are establishingprocedures for teaching & practicing these behaviors and will be rewarding appropriatebehaviour. The PB4L programme works in conjunction with our RestorativePractices processes.


Regulation uniform must be worn by Year 9 - Year 12 students. Seniors must abide by the Dress Code regulations.


Attendance is compulsory at all classes and is checked each period. Students presenting themselves for external examinations must attend regularly to be eligible for the award of such qualifications.


The school appreciates a phone call to the Student Services Centre ph. 843 5212 or a txt to 0211830444 if a student is going to be absent for all or part of the day.

Student Responsibilities

Because the school assumes responsibility for all students during the school day, students are not allowed to leave the grounds without prior permission from their parents and a Leave Pass. Senior students wishing to bring a car or motorcycle to school must seek the school’s approval and complete a Vehicle Authority Form signed by their parents.


The school appreciates a phone call to the Student Services Centre (843 5212) if a student is going to be absent for all or part of the day. If no phone call is received then a note must be brought to the Tutor Teacher or Student Services Centre on the student’s return to school. Whenever there is a concern about a student’s absence, the home will be contacted by our Attendance Officer.

Parental co-operation in ensuring regular attendance helps develop good work habits. The good name and reputation of Melville High is in the hands of its students

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