Students feedback is sought and received

Mr. Hamill received some invaluable feedback from Year 9 and 10 students (Plus our BOT Student Rep) today on a wide range of matters. Special thanks are extended to those students who attended.

The students provided feedback on:

Among the many good suggestions were the following strategic goals:

Further debate on school goals and strategies will be followed up through the Student Council. Look out for the draft charter after the next BOT meeting which is held on 22nd September. Thanks again Student Forum members. If you have further ideas email Mr. Hamill at


Student Guidance Melville is well known for its strong commitment to pastoral care provided by tutor teachers and deans. Further down this page is an explanation of the Restorative Practices used within our school to modify student behaviour. Open Door Whenever parents have problems or concerns about the progress of their children they are urged to contact the School: "our door is always open". Guidance Counsellors The... Read More...


Student Leadership Melville believes strongly in offering many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills. We also value a student voice in our decision-making. Peer Mediators This programme provides senior students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience while assisting fellow students. Senior peer mediators play an important role in our anti-bullying scheme. Student Committees These make an important contribution to inter-tutor competitions, fundraising,... Read More...


Behavioural Expectations Students are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, in such a way as to bring credit to themselves, their families and the school.       Behaviour   All students have the right to learn without being disrupted by others. No student has the right to interfere with any other student’s learning or staff member’s teaching programme. The Board of trustees has established the following affirmations: ... Read More...

Cell Phones and Internet Use

Cell Phones and Internet Use Acceptable Use of Personal Electronic Equipment,   Computers and Internet     Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), including the Internet, are an integral aspect of the learning landscape at Melville High School.   Use of such resources and internet access are privileges that are available to students who have signed our Acceptable Use Agreement.... Read More...


Transport Students arrive at Melville School on foot, by bike, bus or car. Students wishing to bring a car or motorcycle to school must seek the school's approval and complete a Vehicle Authority form signed by their parents. Detailed information about other forms of transport will shortly be made available on this page. Read More...

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