Te Kotahitanga

Academic achievement levels for New Zealand learners are high by international comparisons, but some groups of learners have been identified as under achieving. Unfortunately, Maori learners fall into this category.Many leave school with little or no qualifications.

Te Kotahitanga was developed to address this growing need. Its aim is to improve educational outcomes for Maori students.

Principles of Te Kotahitanga

This project is a partnership between the Ministry of Education and the University of Waikato. It is a teacher professional development programme with the aim of improving Maori student achievement through developing quality classroom relationships and interactions.

Over 35 schools are participating in this project, and detailed results collected over several years show that this programme brings about a significant academic achievement not only for Maori students but also for non-Maori students too.

Melville High school staff are committed to providing the best possible learning environment for all students.

Approximately 35 of our teachers are involved in Te Kotahitanga and are receiving significant support in developing their teaching and learning strategies that increase student engagement levels.

Melville High School is committed to this on-going professional development.

Teachers are working hard to achieve their goals and the evidence collected clearly states that progress is being made. Students are also noticing a difference.

Comments from Maori students

“When you are working with someone, you work faster, so you can get through all the things. By discussing what you are doing it makes the work easier.”

“We are helping our teacher to use Maori language . . . like greeting us, thanking us and stuff. She really tries.”

“We worked as a team and we made decisions.”

“Good teachers are reasonable. They expect you to do the best you can in class.”

“Me mahi tahi tatau mo te oranga o te katoa”

“We all benefit when we work together”

For information contact:

John Ledson

Lead Te Kotahitanga Facilitator

Melville High School

6 Collins Road


Ph (07) 843 4529

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