Senior Leadership Team
Clive Hamill : Email:
Dave McNulty: Email:

Year 9: Grace Whaanga- Ext. 959 Email:
Year 10: Phillip Smiler- Ext. 964 Email:
Year 11: Elsie Leslie- Ext. 962 Email:
Year 12:Arnie Paurini- Ext. 960 Email:
Year 13: Teresa Bayly - Ext. 961 Email:

English and Languages
LoC: Margaret Black Email:
Teacher: Fran Diaz Email:
Teacher: Elsie Leslie Email:
Teacher: Grace Whaanga Email:
Teacher: Alicia Cooney Email:

Susan Stantiall Email:
Tashiana Borell [LTR]Email:

Teacher: Paula Stewart [LTR] Email:

Food and Fabric Technology
HoC: Coralie Stoner [Acting]Email:
Teacher:Chloe Collette-Moxon [LTR]Email:

Digital Technology
HoC John Cardownie Email:

Institute of Sport
Michael Edwards Email:

Learning Initiatives
Director: Rosie Jones Email:

Learning Support / SENCO
SENCO Margaret Black Email:
Kaiawhina Reo/Assistant SENCO/LSC Valetta Wiperi Email:

Maaori Studies
HoC: Pania HuataEmail:

Mathematics and Accounting
LoC: Daya Chandra Email:
Teacher: Phillip Smiler Email:
Teacher: Ian Halstead Email:
Teacher: Doug Ashley-Miller Email:
Teacher: Soji JosephEmail:
Teacher: Rishi ChandEmail:

HoC: Trevor Faville Email:

Physical Education and Health
LoC: Michael EdwardsEmail:
Teacher: Jonathan RickardEmail:
Teacher:Ray Stephens Email: [Leave 2017]
Teacher: Shontelle Woodman [LTR]Email:

Science and Horticulture
LoC: Sangita Achary Email:
Teacher: John Ledson Email:
Teacher: Arnie PauriniEmail:
Teacher: Paul Gay Email:
Teacher: Babu Ittyerah Email:
Teacher: Amanda McIlhoneEmail: [Leave 2017]
Teacher: Marnie McMillanEmail:
Teacher: Jade MilneEmail:
Teacher: Donna Howells[LTR part-time]

Social Sciences and Economics
LoC: Bill Russell Email:
Teacher: Owen RoperEmail:
Teacher: Susan Stantiall Email:
Teacher: Anne Mason-Hall[LTR part-time] Email:

Technology Hard Materials
LoC: Pachappa Goundar Email:
Teacher: Chris FifieldEmail:
Teacher: Peter RowlingsonEmail:

Visual Arts
LoC: Lester Silver Email:
Teacher: Rachel Kiddie Email: [Leave 2017]
Teacher: Justine Macnamara[LTR] Email:

Guidance Department

Counsellor: Lesley Beech Email:
Counsellor: Paul Gay Email:


Director of Careers: Ruth Searancke Email:
Teacher: Teresa Bayly Email:
Administrator: Maria PearceEmail:

Services Academy
Director: Neville JohnsonEmail:

Administration/Support Staff
Administration Assistant: Sheryl Bettley Email:
Caretaker: Murray Vincent
Computer Technician: Simon Zhang Email:
Executive P.A./BoT Secretary: Jocelyn Caughley Email:
Executive Officer: Lynette Malone Email:
Groundsman: Steve Munro Email:
Librarian: Jan Mathews Email:
Property Bookings: Claire Lincoln: Email:
Photocopier/Staffroom Manager: Jackie King
Receptionist/Hireage Co-ordinator: Claire Lincoln Email:
Science Technician: Melvina Dick Email:
Sports Co-ordinator:
Staff Typist/Administator: Loanna Smiler Email:

Student Services Centre
Asst Manager: Kerrin Stubbs Email:
Administrator/1st Aid/Attendance: Lynn Gerrand Email:

Associate Staff
Donna Wilson, Educational Assistant Email:
Valetta Wiperi, Assistant SENCO, Kai awhina i te reo,Teacher Aide Learning Support Centre Email:
Nigel HendrikseDeanery Aide Email:
Reynee NgahiwiTeacher Aide Email:
Lee Udy Teacher Aide Email:
Anne Wallace, Teacher Aide Email:
Evelys De Los Reyes Sandon, Teacher Aide Email:

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