Senior Leadership Team
Clive Hamill : Email:
Dave McNulty: Email:

Year 9: Grace Whaanga- Ext. 959 Email:
Year 10: Phillip Smiler- Ext. 964 Email:
Year 11: Elsie Leslie- Ext. 962 Email:
Year 12:Arnie Paurini- Ext. 960 Email:
Year 13: Teresa Bayly - Ext. 961 Email:

English and Languages
LoC: Margaret Black Email:
Teacher: Fran Diaz Email:
Teacher: Elsie Leslie Email:
Teacher: Grace Whaanga Email:
Teacher: Alicia Cooney Email: [Leave Terms 1 & 2]
Teacher: Linda Hill [LTREmail: [LTR]

Susan Stantiall Email:
Tashiana Borell [LTR]Email:

Teacher: Paula Stewart [LTR] Email:

Food and Fabric Technology
HoC: Coralie Stoner [Acting]Email:
Teacher:Chloe Collette-Moxon [LTR]Email:

Digital Technology
HoC John Cardownie Email:

Institute of Sport
Michael Edwards Email:

Learning Initiatives
Director: Rosie Jones Email:

Learning Support / SENCO
SENCO Margaret Black Email:
Kaiahina Reo/Assistant SENCO/LSC Valetta Wiperi Email:

Maaori Studies
HoC: Pania HuataEmail:

Mathematics and Accounting
LoC: Daya Chandra Email:
Teacher: Phillip Smiler Email:
Teacher: Ian Halstead Email:
Teacher: Doug Ashley-Miller Email:
Teacher: Soji JospehEmail:
Teacher: Rishi ChandEmail:

HoC: Trevor Faville Email:

Physical Education and Health
LoC: Michael EdwardsEmail:
Teacher: Jonathan RickardEmail:
Teacher:Ray Stephens Email: [Leave 2017]
Teacher: Shontelle Woodman [LTR]Email:

Science and Horticulture
LoC: Sangita Achary Email:
Teacher: John Ledson Email:
Teacher: Arnie PauriniEmail:
Teacher: Paul Gay Email:
Teacher: Babu Ittyerah Email:
Teacher: Amanda McIlhoneEmail: [Leave 2017]
Teacher: Marnie McMillanEmail:
Teacher: Aureah Mothibe [LTR] Email:

Social Sciences and Economics
LoC: Bill Russell Email:
Teacher: Owen RoperEmail:
Teacher: Susan Stantiall Email:
Teacher: Lynda Woodhead[LTR part-time] Email:

Technology Hard Materials
LoC: Pachappa Goundar Email:
Teacher: Chris FifieldEmail:
Teacher: Peter RowlingsonEmail:

Visual Arts
LoC: Lester Silver Email:
Teacher: Rachel Kiddie Email: [Leave 2017]
Teacher: Justine Macnamara[LTR] Email:

Guidance Department

Counsellor: Lesley Beech Email:
Counsellor: Paul Gay Email:


Director of Careers: Ruth Searancke Email:
Teacher: Teresa Bayly Email:
Administrator: Maria PearceEmail:

Services Academy
Director: Neville JohnsonEmail:

Administration/Support Staff
Administration Assistant: Sheryl Bettley Email:
Caretaker: Murray VincentEmail:
Computer Technician: Simon Zhang Email:
Executive P.A./BoT Secretary: Jocelyn Caughley Email:
Executive Officer: Lynette Malone Email:
Librarian: Jan Mathews Email:
Property Bookings: Claire Lincoln: Email:
Photocopier/Staffroom Manager: Jackie King
Receptionist/Hireage Co-ordinator/Administrator: Claire Lincoln Email:
Science Technician: Melvina Dick Email:
Sports Co-ordinator: Graeme Kuiti Email:
Staff Typist/Administator: Loanna Smiler Email:

Student Services Centre
Asst Manager: Kerrin Stubbs Email:
Administrator/1st Aid/Attendance: Lynn Gerrand Email:

Associate Staff
Donna Wilson, Educational Assistant Email:
Valetta Wiperi, Assistant SENCO, Kai awhina i te reo,Teacher Aide Learning Support Centre Email:
Nigel HendrikseDeanery Aide Email:
Lee Udy Teacher Aide Email:
Anne Wallace, Teacher Aide Email:
Evelys De Los Reyes Sandon, Teacher Aide Email:

Latest News

School Happenings

To order school photos: Envelopes to order school photos were given out last week. All envelopes with payments will need to be returned to Student Services by Friday 24th March. Eftpos is not available for school photos as the payment is managed by Photolife, not the school. To order an ID card: These can be ordered at Student Services. They are $10 and the last day for ordering is Friday... Read Article.