Attendance Policy
Board Code of Behaviour
Budget Policy
Community Consultation Policy
Complaints Policy
Chair Principal Relationship Policy
Creative Commons Policy
Credit Card Policy
Curriculum Delivery Policy
Deaf & Hearing Impaired Students Policy
Drug, Alcohol & Toxic Substance Abuse Policy
Education Outside the Classroom Policy
Electronic Equipment Policy - Use of
Emergency Action Plan Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Finance Policy
Fundraising Policy
Gifted and Talented Policy
Guidance & Counselling Policy
Harassment Policy
Health & Safety Policy
International Student Education Policy
John Gallagher Fitness Centre Operation Guidelines
Leave, Discretionary, Policy
Marae, Use of, Policy
Medication Policy
Ordering Procedures Policy
Pandemic Policy
Pastoral Care Policy
Pathways Policy
Performance Appraisal Policy
Policy Writing Policy
Principal's Appraisal Policy
Privacy Policy
Property Management Policy
Protected Disclosures Policy
Reporting Policy
Review Process Policy
Self Review Policy
Special Needs Policy
Strategic Planning Policy
Staff Appointment Policy
Staff Development Policy
Timetable Policy
Transport Policy
Traumatic Incident Management Policy
Treaty of Waitangi Policy

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What's happening this Term: Thu 25 May - Y12 Drama Trip P2-4 Thu 25 May 6.00-7.30pm Pasifika Parents Workshop Wed 31 May - School Cross Country Championships Mon 6 June - QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY Thu 8 June 6.00-7.30pm Pasifika Students Workshop Mon 19- Fri 23 June - Y12PE OPC Tongariro Mon 26 June - Reports and Newsletter Posted Wed 28 June - Team Photos Fri 30 June - Y13PE... Read Article.